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Customized training and learning and development solutions to meet the needs of your people, company and culture.


Training Video Production

At FiveSeven we offer full-service video production in order to create custom training and learning content that meets the needs of your company. Whether it's on-premise or in remote learning environments, our easy step-by- step process allows for the rapid creation and deployment of video training across your organization assuring learning content is consistent and accessible. Contact us today to learn how we can help create a best-in-class video learning or training for your organization. 


Every learning video idea begins with a concept. The first step in our creative process is for you to project your vision so that we may assist you in the execution of the bigger plan. 


Before the creative process begins, we want you to convey your vision to us. It's our desire to deliver a tailored visual learning product that meets your specifications and needs. A key part of this process will include our video needs analysis. 


Once your concept is well realized, we begin a production process that includes: site visits, scripting, shooting and final editing. 


When you are satisfied with the product, a final cut will be delivered along with the desired CODEC completing the process.


Although e-learning is any learning delivered electronically, there are many elements that can make up a successful e-learning program, such as on-demand video, live-streaming, quizzes, gaming or other digital media. 

The popularity of e-Learning is rapidly increasing and now accounts for over 40% of annual learning hours.  Yet many companies are under-resourced and need partnership to create effective e-Learning solutions. 

FiveSeven offers a high-value e-Learning solution that provides a simplified and user-friendly experience that’s easy to understand and use. 

Advantages of



-Taken anywhere

-Taken anytime

-Potential cost savings

-Data tracking & reporting

Our Approach To Customized Training






-Maximize (learning and development)

-Align (performance expectations)

-Elevate (outcomes)

Customized Training

At FiveSeven, we understand the value and importance of creating custom training solutions that meet the specific needs of your people, company and culture. We also realize how difficult it can be for organizations to create and deploy their own employee training programs due to a lack of knowledge, resources or time.


We're committed to helping you solve those problems with a proven instructional design and training methodology that assures you get the most effective training solution possible. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your customized training needs. 


5 Facts You Should Know About Video Learning

Cost Reduction

Caterpillar found that e-learning yielded a cost reduction of between 40 and 78 percent, based on the size of the audience

Reduced Time

After adopting

e-Learning, Ernst and Young reduced its costs by 35% and reduced its training time by about 52%

On-demand learning yields 50% higher net sales per employee - ATD

e-Learning is proven to increase knowledge retention by 25% to 60% - WR Hambrecht

Overall, employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles - Forrester





Higher Net Sales


Why partner with FiveSeven for your employee training and learning needs?

  •  We customize learning and development to meet the needs of your people, company and culture. 

  • We understand how to align performance expectations with learning design.

  • We are outcomes focused and apply methodologies that drive results. 

  • We can rapidly create and deploy video training solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing business culture. 



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