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Jeff Smith 
Founder and Senior Consultant 
FiveSeven Solutions
  • Innovative and visionary leadership development mind - challenging the marketplace to rethink the place of leadership development within the business value chain.

  • Creator of the EXCEL leadership development framework that focuses on delivering a personalized, skill-based and measurable approach to leadership development, ultimately designed to improve business outcomes. 

  • Co-creator of the Human Value Chain framework- a model that disaggregates a company into its strategically relevant activities, from a human value point of view, in order to focus on the drivers of competitive advantage, that is, the specific activities that result in higher prices or lower costs, or both. These activities (AKA drivers) are: leadership development, employee engagement and customer experience.

  • 25 years of leadership development experience - having coached and mentored over 2000 division 1A athletes at a prominent power five institution as well as hundreds of business leaders in various industry verticals. 

  • Passionate public speaker delivering keynote and motivational messages to audiences of all backgrounds and affiliations. 

  • Husband of Eryn Smith, and father of three amazing children: Micah, Addie and Canaan. 

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