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Leadership Coaching

FiveSeven offers rigorous leadership coaching solutions aimed at high-performing leaders. Our unique approach focuses on two separate ideas and contexts of leadership development. They are: "Defined Leadership Development" and "Operational Leadership Development".


Defined Leadership Development empowers an individual to first define what's required of their leadership ability in both personal and professional spheres as they move into the leadership coaching relationship. Once these qualities and goals are clearly defined and understood we apply a process of development and accountability in growing their leadership ability and moving toward goal achievement.

Operational Leadership Development is an approach to developing a leaders ability to drive specific operational outcomes. Examples include improving employee engagement, elevating customer satisfaction scores, driving financial KPI's or building a team capable of process innovation. Regardless of the desired outcomes, Operational Leadership Development focuses on helping participants create high-performing habits in six primary zones of leadership action in order to improve operational outcomes. They are; Lead, Learn, Implement, Meet, Assess and Collaborate.

For specific information regarding our leadership coaching services, pricing, or any other question please send us a message and we will in touch shortly. 

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