EXCEL Corporate Leadership Development

"Real leaders, wrote the novelist David Foster Wallace, are people who help us overcome the limitations of our own laziness and selfishness and weakness and fear and get us to do better, harder things than we can get ourselves to do on our own".

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Personalized. Skill-Based. Measurable.

Corporate Leadership Development

Solving problems

We're solving one of the biggest problems in leadership development- the inability to measure clear and concise leadership progress. Moreover, leadership development is typically a "one size fits all" approach with little to no emphasis placed on an individual leader's specific mission and role. At FiveSeven we're focused on creating superior leaders, teams and outcomes through a personalized, skill-based and measurable leadership development process.


Defining Leadership Actions

The EXCEL corporate leadership development program focuses on leaders at all levels of an organization. Participants are guided by a creative and actionable framework where they define specific and time-bound leadership goals, create action plans and learn how to effectively measure individual progress over time. In short, our key focus is developing the individual leader's ability to define what's required of their leadership actions in their specific role, then empowering them to create a decision framework for ongoing execution and achievement.

A Personalized Approach

The EXCEL leadership development philosophy centers around a concept called "personal" leadership development, the outcome of which is a focus on creating an individualized and measurable leadership development path for each leader in our program. This approach has proven to be more effective in driving measurable outcomes and aligning the individual contributor's goals with those of their company or organization. 

Skill-based and Measurable

EXCEL workshops are motivational, highly interactive, and place a strong emphasis on developing specific, measurable leadership skills that empower better leadership outcomes. We invite you to learn more about EXCEL programs and how FiveSeven can partner with you to achieve excellence in outcomes.

As a participant, what will you accomplish in the EXCEL leadership development program?

You will:

-Define specific leadership goals and objectives relevant to success in your role


-Develop clarity around what leadership actions and skills are required to be successful in your role


-Aquire relevant knowledge around leadership best practices and leadership skill development that impact your leadership success


-Identify hidden roadblocks to success in your leadership goals


-Build strategies for reducing and minimizing roadblocks to those goals


-Learn to apply a measurement framework for leadership development progress over time


-Develop critical thinking and coaching skills necessary for leading others


-Grow your network of other professionals passionate about developing their leadership, teams and business outcomes


-Create a personalized and measurable leadership development roadmap specific to your goals and objectives with a framework for successful achievement

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