EXCEL 12 Month Leadership Development

Excellence isn't accidental. 

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have these because we have acted rightly. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." - Will Durant

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5/7 GROW 

12 Month Leadership Development Program?

GROW It is an innovative leadership development program designed to produce high-performing leaders and teams capable of delivering above-average results in their business. Participants undergo intensive training, development and coaching and are equipped to know how to:

  • Demonstrate high-performing leadership behaviors necessary for success in:​​​​

    • Achieving corporate and unit-level goals and objectives

    • Achieving higher than average employee engagement and satisfaction scores

    • Achieving lower than average employee turnover percentages

    • Achieving higher than average customer satisfaction scores

    • Improving bottom line profitability

    • Identifying and developing top talent for future job roles

The program begins with participants attending an immersive 2-day onsite event at one of our remote locations and then transition into an optional 12-month development and coaching lifecycle (full program manual and overview is available upon request). 

The ideal candidate?

You are an ideal candidate for the EXCEL 2-day event and 12 month extended program if you have a strong desire to improve your leadership and are ready to make changes in your leadership behaviors and business outcomes. The ideal candidate has a willingness to implement new leadership behaviors as well as a desire to:


-Develop a high-performing hospitality mindset and lifestyle

-Develop personal and team leadership abilities

-Implement new leadership behaviors and actions

-Improve employee and team engagement

-Improve customer satisfaction

-Reduce turnover

-Develop a talent pipeline

-Improve bottom line profitability

-Learn how to serve others while leading by example

What can participants expect?

Our program is built on a philosophy of "no frills or magic pills" but one of steady and ongoing leadership and personal development that drives success. At FiveSeven, we believe in moving beyond the mediocre. Our passion is developing people for the purpose of improving lives and business outcomes. Participants can expect to be challenged, encouraged, inspired and empowered. 

Our proprietary methodology requires participants to think differently, acquire relevant industry knowledge and implement new leadership behaviors that make a difference in leadership and business outcomes. EXCEL provides participants with:

  • Coaching and accountability

  • Mentoring and encouragement

  • Proprietary tools and training

  • Industry specific learning focus

  • Weekly development sessions

  • Peer review and collaboration

  • Feedback and assessments

  • Operational leadership cloud technology

What we guarantee?

We guarantee a rigorous and rewarding learning and development experience with results equal to what participants invest. We also guarantee to provide participants with industry best-practices along with expert advice and cutting edge tools.

Participants able to demonstrate a commitment to the 12 month EXCEL program (meeting minimum requirements) will be awarded with the EXCEL Leadership Professional™ designation and be placed into the EXCEL Leadership Fellowship™.

How can I attend or enroll?

If you are interested in enrolling in the 12 month EXCEL Leadership Development Program, please provide your contact information below and we will be in touch with enrollment dates and availability. 

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